Saturday, 31 January 2009


A few illustration/cartoons i did over the summer about me and my friend rosey using hand drawn black out lines then scanned in and added colour in photoshop.

Friday, 30 January 2009


Taking my letters out into nottingham city center, trying to use places that "hoodies" would hang about i.e park bench, market square, and phone box! just need to develop how i would put the rest of my text on these images and possible take more photos to get it just right as these only took me 2mins to take so get them more professional and more thought out. 


inspired by Si Scott's typography and adding my stitching over the top and also sequins to add extra texture. All so using more college and tracing around an image (of my sister) then using paper to fill in the colour and stitching over top to highlight parts. 

Tuesday, 27 January 2009


A set i made in december 2008 for an interactive group project. i think there's a blog some where on here for it... basically had to make a website and this was for one of the pages which would then have rollovers and other things happening on the page. Was a really fun project i enjoyed working with some one else (Ant Eastman) made the ideas better as there was twice as much input.


Some Work that i did in october for my first brief back at uni, branding a coffee shop called common ground. photo 1 is of a coaster design i came up with using printed paint and then scanning in printing out and sewing over the top. photo 2 is more sewing that would be applyed to a napkin and photo 3 is of a music flyer thats uses the main logo for the coffee shop and added text that keeps in with the same style.


Making 3D type. idea of using hoodies to wrap around letters to give them a personality. next step to place them in situ i.e a park bench to further the understanding of the letters.


I've decided to start  a blog now as I have started to become more confident with my work. Also the amount of hours i have put in these last few weeks i thought it would be best to let someone else see it too. My brief for these next two weeks and last week is to produce and awareness campaign for the new words that have gone into the oxford english dictionary. i have concentrated  on two words so far from the list these are Hoodie and Crunk. I first thought about using song lyrics to illustrate my words, as it is a typography brief, but the an idea came of advertising the dictionary by involving people by getting them to send in their own words. so my tagline will be "This is one of our new words, have you got a word? get it in the dictionary." so i'm going to make some posters and a rough design of the website where the public can go to enter their words.

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